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Glamping like a queen and being overly prepared like a boss

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Get ready for the outdoors experience with the comfort from home!

When I lived in France, I spent my vacation with my family. They enjoyed comfortable hotels and feeling taken care of. On the other hand, my friends told me wild vacation stories of dirty backpacking in the mountains. They could spend days without showering and I found it fascinating that one could relax without a homely comfort. Nowadays, people have created the concept of glamping (glamorous camping) to sell both experiences. We can travel to visit stunning landscapes and hike in the wilderness while still having access to our comfort. Glamping is awesome to try, especially for people who grew up in cities and aren’t exposed to dirt.

Since my family and I only spent our vacation time in resort hotels near a beach, we were never exposed to forests or mountains. I didn’t learn to appreciate being in nature until later in life when I started camping and hiking in the United States.

The backpacking culture in North America is way different than in Europe. I luckily met a new community that showed me breath-taking landscapes and introduced me to different level hikes. My friends and I volunteered during the weekdays and we hiked on the weekends. It was the perfect balance.

There are so many benefits to be outdoors. The first one is the instant relaxation. Walking around tall trees on a nice trail is visually pleasant. Breathing floating smells of pine trees and flowers transports you to another dimension. Chatting with friends with no cellphones is just the best. I also don’t know what it is about wearing hiking boots, but the durability and the comfort makes me ready to exercise and seek a healthy lifestyle.

After a long hike, what I’m looking forward to the most is a hot shower to soothe my sore muscles. It reminds me that running hot water is a luxury. I absolutely feel grateful for my current living conditions. I’d love to keep hiking and taking outdoors trips, but let’s remind ourselves that we have the means to stay comfortable. So, I compiled a list of accessories that made my camping trips easier.

First, don’t forget the essentials:

This certified organic aloe gel will relieve your sunburns after a long hike. Aloe has awesome properties. It accelerates healing, reduces inflammation and hydrates the skin to treat cuts, rashes and eczema.

If you’re allergic to insect bites, you might want to get better protection for your trip. Make sure to have an anti-itch cream, preferably with natural ingredients. This way, you can apply it often without having to worry about the chemicals (paraben, PBA etc).

Having a micro-fiber towel can save a lot of room and make your packing easier. It’s as effective as a fluffy one, without the bulkiness.

I love this ergonomic pillow for camping. It’s very compact and convenient. You just need to inflate it and you’ll have a good night sleep! It comes in different colors ranging from green to blue to grey. It also comes with a little storage bag so you can carry it without dirtying it.

Make sure you’re always ready to provide help and support in case of an emergency. If someone gets hurts, you can act on it. This kit comes with sharp scissors and tweezers! It’s also very compact and can easily fit into a backpack.

Ideally, we would always like our trip to be sunny. However, rain might happen and it’s better to be prepared. Get a poncho just in case, it’s not the most stylish item you’ll ever wear but it will protect you from the uncomfortable wet cold.

When people get a tent, they don’t usually think about tarps. Tarps provide a layer of isolation between the ground and the tent’s bottom. It’s especially useful when it rains or when the ground is damp. It can save you from many situations. It can also provide shade if you hang it on high branches.

Instead of using your phone’s flashlight during the dark, opt for a more energy efficient item. This flashlight is rechargeable with batteries. It has several modes, including a strobe for self-defense. You can also easily clip it to a pocket and has a compact build.

Now, let’s get to your glamping equipment:

Camping eating tools are usually made out of cheap material because they need to be light and portable. I was never satisfied with what I had, then I found this portable outdoors cookware kit. They come in a bag that is light and compact. The great feature is that the utensils are secured in the bag and won’t move when you travel. I like the grip and the fact that they’re easy to wash.

This pouch can provide you with a feeling of cleanliness anywhere you go! You simply need to fill it out with water and let it sit in the sun until the temperature gauge tells you it’s ready. The solar showers come in different sizes according to your (or your family’s/friends’) needs. There’s a Velcro tape to hang it up in the branches (for better water pressure) and few pockets for your soap and shampoo. The nice touch on this product is the small mirror for people who need to shave or groom!

This 24-piece set of plates is suitable for camping, picnics and beach trips. It comes with a bag so it’s easy to transport. I like that the material doesn’t stain, doesn’t absorb odors and won’t rust. It can also be put in the dishwasher.

Be comfortable with this foldable picnic table with bench seats. It is made of aluminum and can collapse easily for transport. It also has a hole in the middle if you’d like to add a parasol.

This fun little table gives you the opportunity to have a romantic happy hour outdoors. It holds your wine glasses and snacks. Little tip: it can also be used in bed!

When you have the opportunity to grill meat at a camping site, the provided grills are often dirty or very spaced out so food falls within the bars into the fire. Having a mat is super convenient for grilling small vegetable/meat pieces.

If you’re a coffee fan, I’d recommend getting this tiny espresso maker. It’s ergonomic, works well with fine ground coffee and doesn’t require battery. It comes with a detachable cup and has a 80mL water capacity. All you need to do is add hot water, then pump it into the shot glass.

Get some portable camping chairs to sit around the fire camp and stargaze comfortably. It’s a great investment for picnics, enjoying the outdoors and even the beach. These chairs are portable, light weight and can be set up in seconds. They are compact and comfy!

This strong and lightweight hammock is easy to install and can be combined with a bug net (you need to buy it separately)! It comes in several colors and can be the highlight of your summer.

If you like cocooning time outside, make sure to be wrapped in a comfy wool blanket. This will keep you warm and cozy.

Get this USD hand warmer for your pockets at night. Even if you had a beautiful day, it might sometimes still get cold. You’ll love the quick warm feeling on your hands!

Don’t run out of electricity for your appliances with this solar charger. It can charge up to 4 devices at the same time, so you can charge all your phones at once when it’s sunny! Plus, you get cookie points for being Earth-friendly!

This is a cool gift for someone who loves to write and record their experiences. They can have a souvenir at the end of their trip.

If you’d like to carry extra gear for survival, here’s a suggested list:

How to stay girly and functional at the same time? I’ve ordered a set and I absolutely loved them! They add a touch of originality and I feel more badass wearing them. They are surprisingly great quality. They’re labeled as self-defense but in my opinion, it’s way too small to impress someone with them. They’re useful as bottle opener, screwdriver, box cutter and serrated knife.

In rare cases you need fire during a storm, use this lighter. It creates an electric arch and is rechargeable with a USB cable. Without a flame, you won’t need gas or oil. It comes with a lanyard and a gift box in case you’re looking for a present for someone.

If you get stuck in an area without clean water, this straw will save the day. It’s an award-winning product for hiking, camping and emergency situations. It filters unsanitary water and is a preferred alternative to iodine tablets that don’t taste great at all.

This bracelet is a must have gear. It’s comes in pink, purple and black and looks really cool on a wrist as you can adjust the tightness! It includes a rope, a compass, a whistle, a stainless scraper, and a fire starter. You can use it to set traps, weave fishing nets, make trails, dental floss, stop bleeding…

This pocket chainsaw is really interesting. It’s portable and compact and can be very handy. On top of that, it won’t rust.

This axe has a ton of features. It includes a hammer, a hex wrench, a knife blade, a safety lock, a nail file etc. It’s a great gift for people who like exploring, hunting, fishing and outdoors activities.

This stainless keychain is super light and convenient. It has a ruler, a wrench, a carabiner clip, a bottle opener, a screwdriver and a box cutter. I chose this one because of its functionality and lightweight.

In conclusion, now is the time for glamping. We are in the midst of Fall. It’s a beautiful season in Canada where the leaves turn yellow and red. We’re finally done with the humidity and the heat, and it’s not cold enough to wear heavy coats and boots. A lot of travelers come here for the beautiful sceneries and they’re right. It’s really worth it the experience. Don’t be shy and start an adventure outdoor. With the proper tools and equipment, you won’t feel far from the comfort of your own home and be overly prepared with survival gear. Be a glamping queen and make sure you’re overly prepared like a boss!


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